Automatic Out-of-Internet Reply

Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. I will be out of the office, my home, and Internet range for a whole week.

During this time, I will have only a few fleeting moments of access to the Internet. This means I will not scroll through endless reply all work email threads, fall into the YouTube rabbit hole (just one more sloth video!), or take Facebook quizzes to determine my political “coordinates”, which country I should live in, or which Kardashian I am. I will not Instagram pictures of my dinner or tweet funny quotes said by someone else. I will not read Huffington Post or Salon articles, or the oft rude and occasionally delusional comments that accompany them.

In short: With the exception of the occasional jaunt on Google maps, I will not be on the Internet.

Enjoy the SilenceWhat I will do is relax in a little house in the woods with four friends and four dogs. I will drink wine and eat cheese and go to the lake, where I will float in silence and listen to everything and nothing. I will look at Big Trees. I will play with dogs and talk with friends. I will walk the mile into town to buy more wine and cheese. I will write. And then I will write some more.

Sometimes, I will do nothing at all.

And when I return – refreshed and inspired – I will write some more.

If you should have an urgent need in my absence, I am confident that there are many other writing blogs out there to tide you over.

Thank you again for your interest. I will get back to you just as soon as I return to the Internet. Or at least once I’ve caught up on my email.



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One thought on “Automatic Out-of-Internet Reply

  1. SlothQueen says:

    Ain’t nuthin’ wrong with The Black Hole of Sloth Vids!!

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